Top 10 Interview Tips

1. Arrive on Time or better still 15 minutes earlier. Make sure you know how to get there. If you have time, take a trial run to the office and familiarize yourself with the route.

2. Research the Company and its business. At least read the website to know the background of the company.

3. Review your CV before the interview and be ready to talk about any aspect of your career, your degree or your hobbies and interests. In particular make sure you can talk through aspects of your experience which will be of benefits to your new employer.

4. Dress smartly and act positively, if in any doubt of the correct dress code always adopt formal business attire. Handshakes are important too, a firm but not crushing handshake is required.

5. Listen carefully to the questions and answer questions directly. Do not feel you have to speak when there is a pause in the conversation, let the interviewer fill the gap.

6. Remember the interview is a two way process, work out what you want to know about the role and be confident in asking questions.

7. If you do not know an answer, say no.

8. If you are interested in the job tell the interviewer.

9. Be yourself, when you get the job you might disappoint if you cannot live up to the “tiger” you presented at interview.

10. Attempt to “close” the interview. At the end of an interview to try to find out how the interviewer thought it went and whether they have any reservations regarding your application as this is the best time to counter them.


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