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If certain operations in your organization are not part of your core business and you do not want to have  sleepless nights thinking about deadlines, consider OUTSOURCING these operations-pass the buck now to someone who is willing to shoulder this responsibility for your!


When we undertake an assignment, we commit to a response time and proactively act accordingly to the brief job demand received and keep you updated throughout so that you can plan accordingly.

Solid Completion Dates

We relieve you from servicing hundreds or even thousands of applications, resumes and unsolicited enquiries.

Time Savings Benefits

Outsourcing your recruitment function creates a time savings benefit allowing you to focus on critical processes of the hiring manager.

Condensed Hiring Cycles

We have the flexibility, knowledge and resources to allow for quick turn around hiring.

Reallocation of Resources

Outsourcing your recruitment function allows you to free up valuable resources to perform other duties and allowing you to focus on strategic and value added HR assignments. Instead, you will be only provided qualified candidates as per your company job requirements, complete with detailed applications, servicing notes, interview results that will enable you to make final hiring decision.

Reference Checks

Solicitation is made for punctuality, work performance and several personalities of candidates.

Advantages of outsourcing

• Allows a business to focus on core activities

• Streamlines a business’ operations

• Gives you access to professional capabilities

• Piece of mind that the process is in good hands (reliability)

• Do not have to worry about continually introducing new technologies

Business process outsourcing encompasses: -

• Call Center / Human Resources outsourcing (HRO)

• Finance and accounting outsourcing

• Customer service agents/help desk agents

• Creditors clerks/debtors clerks


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Executive Search Services

In today's competitive world, borderless search is critical in locating talented business leaders. Acknowledging the importance of recruitment to the success of an organization, Business Career has a team of knowledgeable consultant who truly understand client’s perspective in recruitment and candidates concern and choices of employment.

For every executive search, we bring incomparable recruitment resources and a personal commitment to excellence from each member of our recruitment staff. We have developed some very innovative methodology to source, search, select and screen the best fit candidates to your organization.

Search Process

Business Career consultants approach each executive search assignment with a consistent, time-tested, Six-step process, derived from more than 15 years of experience recruiting senior-level candidates

1. Define Objectives and Needs Analysis

• Understanding of client’s business, culture and needs

• Obtain client consensus on position’s scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationship and profile of the desired executive

2. Develop and Execute, Sourcing, Strategy

• Industry and company mapping

• Identify and confirm target sources using proprietary database and network of contact

• Identify candidate

3. Candidate Consideration

• Screen and evaluate candidates

• Prepare candidate profile and criteria checklist

• Candidate comparison chart

4. Interviews

• Facilitate client interviews of candidate

• Obtain feedback from clients and candidates

• Conduct Reference Checks

5. Select Executive

• Conduct finalist interviews

• Negotiate salary and benefits

6. Follow-Up

• Ensure smooth transition and assimilation for executive

• Ensure client satisfaction

Permanent Staffing Support

We provide a comprehensive service encompassing all aspects of the recruitment lifecycle to allow the customer to meet their objectives in Time, Cost and Quality. Our experienced Recruiters have expertise in all aspects of recruitment and selection. Our experience means that we are in touch with market information such as benefits, salaries, employment trends, etc. Our staffing service comes with a "success only" fee structures and guarantees.

Contract /Temporary Recruitment

Modern industry seeks ever-increasing emphasis on flexible staffing. Temporary and Contract workers have become fundamental to the success of many companies. It is therefore essential to work with a staffing provider who demonstrates expertise, innovation, flexibility and resource.

We have been delivering Temporary Staffing Solutions continually and creatively developing its business and service portfolio to adjust to the changing needs of its customers.

Our ability is proven, our expertise and process leading edge, whether our customers require the support of a single temporary or an entire flexible workforce, our organisation has the resources and infrastructure to deliver to their expectations.